Case Studies

Renewable energy options

Energy Strategy for IKEA Russia MEGA Shopping Centre

IKEA Russia

IKEA are extending their MEGA shopping centre in Krasnador by 50% to 1.5m ft² and DunnettCraven are the Masterplan Architects. Energy Strategy Partners worked with DCA to provide sustainable design guidance to retrofit the existing buildings and for the design of the new buildings including the energy services strategy which resulted in a 50% reduction in energy use with a payback period less than five years. A significant amount of renewable energy was integrated into the strategy to meet IKEA’s environmental targets.

Clonakilty Energy Roadmap

The Clonakilty Energy Roadmap is a detailed study and report for this community of 4,500 people to demonstrate how Clonakilty could become carbon neutral by 2020 with a payback period of less than five years using conventional renewable energy technologies. Although the study is primarily about community-scale renewable energy projects, it provides an overall sustainable energy strategy which encompasses energy demand reduction and individual renewable energy systems. The study identified a surplus of local renewable energy resources equivalent to ten times the amount of energy used in 2010.

Thurrock Council Local Development Framework

The Carbon Trust funded this study for Thurrock Council in Essex to develop a renewable energy evidence base to support and clarify policies within the Local Development Framework and to provide advice on implementing the opportunities identified. The project deliverables included: 1) a Low and Zero Carbon energy feasibility study 2) an opportunity assessment of the sites identified 3) practical advice to the Council to facilitate delivery of Low and Zero Carbon schemes 4) appraising the Council’s proposed Carbon Offset Fund and identifying effective emissions reductions projects.

Energy Hub for European Union

Energy Hub for European Union

The Energy Hub is a collaborative €11.66 million European project, funded by the EU, which aims to demonstrate the full potential of renewable energy by providing 100% on-site renewable energy within an "Energy Hub District". The team has contributed its technical expertise in pavement solar thermal collectors.

CWHN on London South Bank University for DECC InnovateUK

The team are currently developing a Phase 1 InnovateUK award project for a strategy for a Cold Water Heat Network (CWHN) for the London South Bank University campus, in association with London South Bank University.

Community District Heating for the UK DECC SBRI

The team are currently delivering a DECC awarded SBRI innovation project for community buildings in the Easton district of Bristol. This project provides district heating from ground source. The Energy Centre includes an innovative technique for charging a heat store using air source heat pumps driven by photovoltaic arrays.

Feasibility for Water Source installation for Birmingham Hospital

This study analyses the existing plant for heating and cooling, and the distribution mechanisms in two buildings in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital site in Birmingham. The study analyses the merits of installing of a water source heat pump with open loop wells.

London Elephant and Castle Feasibility

Energy Strategy Partners carried out the Elephant and Castle district heating scheme financial analysis and commercial assessment (Capex £25m).

London Development Agency Heat Networks Feasibility

Energy Strategy Partners carried out the feasibility study for the LDA London Heat Networks mapping and analysis (Capex £50m).

District heating ESCO Feasibility

Energy Strategy Partners carried out the financial analysis for private sector developer on district heating ESCO and implementation (Capex £5m). Project and corporate finance expert.

Strategic energy advice to the London Borough of Redbridge

The Redbridge Council commissioned the team to carry out a study of energy issues at one of their schools. This led to a troubleshooting diagnosis and successful remedial contract.

Strategic advice to the Wellcome Trust London

The team are engaged in an ongoing strategic energy advice task for the Wellcome Trust.

Optimisation of system performance at London South Bank University

London South Bank University

The team are engaged in an ongoing programme of system performance optimisation consultancy for the London South Bank University.

Toddington Research and Demonstration project for the Highways Agency

Thermal Banks provide sustainable energy at Toddington

The team developed a research and demonstration project in conjunction with Transport Research Laboratory Limited (TRL) to test the use of roads as asphalt solar collectors and Thermal Banks for underground thermal energy storage. This two year project for the Highways Agency was independently monitored by The Transport Research Laboratory (TRL). The projects confirmed that Interseasonal Heat Transfer did perform as designed and that the extensive computer modelling to predict heat flows to and from the Thermal Banks were verified in practice.

Howe Dell School for The Carbon Trust

Sustainable Energy at Howe Dell

The team developed a research and development demonstrator project for the UK Carbon Trust to show how Interseasonal Heat Transfers works for schools.